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A gift to last beyond a lifetime

A supermarket trip to buy groceries for his mum resulted in a relationship that will benefit The Hearing House for years to come.

Neil Duncan was in the Glen Innes Pak n Save when his attention was drawn to two happy children in a supermarket trolley who had “something” on the side of their heads.

He assumed these devices were to do with their hearing, and with a background as a broadcast engineer, was keen to learn more.

After some Google research, Neil learnt that the “something” on their heads were cochlear implants which enable people who are deaf to listen, and that the only provider of services to people with cochlear implants in his region was The Hearing House.

“I’m a very practical person. I like to see results – something you can put your finger on. Cochlear implants are tangible.”

Neil’s wife Christine says the couple appreciate the life-changing impact cochlear implants have on people, eliminating their isolation and allowing them to participate fully in life.

The couple came to the official opening of The Stichbury Bidwill Centre, home to The Hearing House, and Christine says it was moving to hear deaf children speak so clearly and hear from Lance Cairns about how much life has changed for him since receiving his cochlear implant as an adult.

Neil says when he was looking for a charity to support by leaving a gift in his Will, he wanted it to be an organisation that “is big enough to be doing good stuff, underfunded, and local”.

He felt The Hearing House was the right charity to leave a gift to – a gift that will make a significant difference to the lives of others far beyond Neil and Christine’s lifetime.

Christine says the key to giving to the right charity is finding a focus that you’re happy with. “A smaller, more targeted cause suits us.”

The couple believes more people need to think about leaving a gift to a charity in their Will. “People tend to think philanthropy is only for people who have mega-millions, but it’s not,” Christine says.

Click here for more information about leaving a gift in your Will, or get in touch with us. Email or call us on 09 579 2333.

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