Help deaf kids listen and speak this 27 September

Apii's Mother 

He hears and laughs along with his friends...and his speech is coming along just fine. Currently his favourite song is 'Stop It!' which sounds like 'stabbit'. He chats in his own language, shouts in it, laughs in it, and then will say a word or two. 'thank you, more please, please mum, go!' He'll hear music and sing along or dance along. I just want to say thank you to The Hearing House and everyone in it!  And a special thanks to Apii's AVT. Huge love, thanks and respect to you all and everything you do, and have done, and will continue to do for countless other families. You are all priceless.

Ever wondered about the parts of the ear and how sound is transmitted to the brain? Do you know there are three different types of hearing loss?


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Here at The Hearing House, we believe anything is possible.


Families who come to The Hearing House are seeking a future for their child which focuses on listening and spoken language.


We watch as babies and toddlers who have significant hearing loss grow into children, teenagers and young adults – and we are blown away by these guys.


In many cases the adults we work with have overcome massive challenges and frustrations. A cochlear implant is truly life-changing for them.

Young and young-at-heart, they have all overcome different types of adversity – but they all have plans, they all have dreams, they have all accomplished so much already and they all have so much more that they can achieve.


They are proof that anything is possible.

A watch-like device that helps people feel the music

Legacy of The Hearing House attracts new Chief Executive

House has family connection for Nairn family

Will you get LOUD this September?

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