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We want to assure clients and families of The Hearing House that we are committed to keeping you safe and prepared. We will continue to do the best we can in the changing circumstances.  We will monitor the announcements from the government and update our communication and processes as necessary.  Be well, stay safe and reach out as needed. 


As we move through the different levels The Hearing House, as always, can be contacted by telephone and emails. To date we remain at Level 1 status.

The Hearing House is open with protocols in place. Please call or email or text if you would like to book an appointment.

“I would not be able to hear or be where I am today without cochlear implants.” Adrian Zuniga (left) pictured with Josh Foreman (right). 

"He knows they are very powerful for him. He calls them his electric ears. I think he’ll have a bright future. He will do very well in life.”


- Rachna Goyal, mum to Rhythm. Rhythm is profoundly deaf and has two cochlear implants.

Ever wondered about the parts of the ear and how sound is transmitted to the brain? Do you know there are three different types of hearing loss?


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