Our Vision – all people with hearing loss should be able to hear, communicate and participate in society to their full potential.


Our Mission – to maximise communication potential and quality of life of individuals with hearing loss through effective partnership.

About us

The Hearing House is a charity for children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, and their families. Our goal is to:


  • Teach children with hearing loss to listen and speak. We aim to help these children reach their full potential by supporting them so they can listen and speak at the same level as their hearing peers.

  • Give adults who need a cochlear implant access to sound once again. We aim to get adults who have suffered a sudden or gradual hearing loss, and are now severely or profoundly deaf, back into the work force, back into their social circles and into society as a whole.

We aim to give deaf children and adults the ability to live an independent life in a hearing and speaking world. The Hearing House serves the needs of hundreds of children, their families and adults from Kaitaia to Turangi.