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About us

At The Hearing House, we seek to foster a nurturing and caring environment that enables and empowers people who are hard of hearing to lead fulfilling lives. 

The magic of what we do is built on establishing special relationships between our people, individuals and their whānau, and industry partners.

Through our passionate and dedicated team of audiologists, specialised therapists, and support staff we deliver a range of services and programmes to help people with cochlear implants and many others whose hearing has been impacted in some way. 

Our passionate team commits every day to fulfilling our mission. Working together and with partners, we are dedicated to a community of care that enables people to make choices about their own lives at each stage of their journey.

For a cochlear implant recipient, receiving their implant is just the beginning of their journey to access sound. We help children as young as six months of age up to adults in their 90s as they learn to listen and communicate with the aid of their cochlear implants. 

For children who don’t benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants and specialised habilitation can help them learn to listen and communicate.

For adults, a cochlear implant, along with rehabilitative support, makes it possible to return to the workforce, re-engage with their family and social circles, and reintegrate into society.

Most of our cochlear implant services are publicly funded as part of the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme.

As a charity we rely on donations to provide lifetime support to our kiritaki across the upper North Island.  



Our audiologists are available to carry out cochlear implant candidacy assessments, switch-on and device programming, mapping, post-implant reviews and contra lateral hearing aid fittings.


Speech and Language Therapy

Dedicated speech and language therapists provide specialised Listening and Spoken Language (LSLS) therapy tailored to suit any communication mode, language or culture.

Daily Troubleshooting Clinic

Appointments are available daily to work through any equipment issues. 


Kaitautoko Kiritaki - Support Navigation

You are not alone in your journey with us. 

Our in-house Kaitautoko Kiritaki will help you explore a range of support options available to you and your loved ones.

The Hearing House cars


Many of our clients live outside of Auckland so we run regular clinics in Whangārei, Hamilton, Rotoura, Tauranga and Taupō. We also provide home visits to those who find it difficult to attend appointments at our Auckland headquarters.


Workshops, playgroups and events

We hold regular events for our clients to come together, learn and celebrate their successes. 

The Stichbury Bidwell Centre

Our purpose-built facility is where the lives of children and adults with hearing loss are transformed.


Once a family home, the iconic house at 251 Campbell Road underwent a significant transformation in 2016 and 2017 to accommodate our growing client base.


Our state of the art centre and audiology suite allow us and our building tenants SoundSkills and START to provide expert care, host meetings and events, and provide a space for other health providers, educators, and community groups to come together. 

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