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Sponsoring a child through The Hearing House programme is a very popular way of donating to The Hearing House because the sponsor has a direct impact on the child’s life. As a result of the sponsor's support the child will be able to attend The Hearing House programme and gain the gift of spoken language. The sponsor will also be able to participate in the child’s journey at The Hearing House if they wish.


As a result of the sponsor's support the child will:

  • Learn to listen with his or her cochlear implant or hearing aid

  • Learn to speak clearly and naturally like any hearing child

  • Be able to attend mainstream school with little or no assistance

  • Be able to communicate easily with family and friends

  • Experience enhanced education and employment opportunities

  • Fully contribute to society

  • Lead a full and independent life

  • Be able to fulfil their potential and grow up to be whatever they want.


The Hearing House Child Sponsorship Programme is flexible to suit your needs. You can choose to have an active sponsorship and visit our centre and see your sponsored child take a lesson or playing in our purposely designed preschool. We can also send you regular reports on your child’s progress. Otherwise, you can have a less active sponsorship, content with the immense satisfaction that you had a huge impact on the future of a child, their happiness, their success and their contribution to society. Here is a full list of what we offer you:


  • An opportunity to meet your sponsored child and his/her parents

  • Written reports, including photographs, on the progress of your child

  • An opportunity to view your child during a Listening and Spoken Language therapy session

  • An invitation to attend your child’s graduation to celebrate the successful outcome of your child’s learning programme

  • Acknowledgement in The Hearing House newsletter, The Talk. 


The cost of sponsoring a child is $10,000 per year. You can sponsor a child for whatever period suits you. Your support will provide:


  • Listening and Spoken Language therapy with one of our highly qualified and international certified therapists

  • Lesson preparation

  • Advisor On Deaf Children liaison

  • Design, issue and implement Short Term Goals

  • Assessment and report writing

  • Production and editing of video footage for research and assessment

  • Presentation at Hearing Progress Review and at Clinical Committee meetings.​


For more information on sponsoring a child please contact us on 09-579-2333 or

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