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Growing up with The Hearing House

Violet and Nathan Zheng are two of our kiritaki (clients) – they first came to us as young children when they’d just received their cochlear implants and are now both excelling at university and in their careers. It’s stories like theirs that make us so committed to what we do – making a meaningful difference to the lives of our kiritaki. We’re so proud of you, Violet and Nathan!

Here's Violet's story:

“I have exciting news regarding my brother and me.

“In December, Nathan received a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) offer for 2024, so he got into first-year entry for Med School!

“As for me, I graduated from university on the same day. I passed my National Midwifery exam so I’m now a registered midwife! 

“My family and I would like to thank you for all the support you’ve given us and for ensuring that our needs are met (including our annual cochlear implant check-up and speech-language therapy) over the years. 

“Nathan and I came to The Hearing House when we were three and five years old, and now here we are, studying at university and getting into our careers.

“We’re beyond grateful and appreciative for all the work that The Hearing House does to limit barriers and give us the opportunities to flourish in society, just like everyone else.

Thank you to The Hearing House!" 


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