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Your voice matters to us

We want anyone who accesses our services to have a positive experience where you feel comfortable, respected and familiar in all interactions with our team. Does this ring true to you? 

If you have any feedback for our team - positive, constructive or negative - please send it through to

Some of the topics we would love to learn 

  • Have you experienced improved clinical outcomes, positive wellbeing and mental health?

  • Do you enjoy equitable access to our services, regardless of geographical, economic or cultural background? 

  • Are you confident in managing your own healthcare?

  • Do you feel empowered, strengthened, supported, connected, informed and more resilient as a member of our community?

  • Whether you see us as a genuine and authentic Treaty partner?

  • Do you have any suggestions on what we can do better?

Do you have a complaint?

You have a right to raise concerns and we would like to hear these too. 


Your voice will help us shape and improve our services so all people who are hard of hearing are empowered, connected and enriched. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback
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