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$1 a Day

Help a person who is deaf learn to listen and communicate with a donation of just $30 a month.


Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of Kiwis with profound hearing loss learn to listen and speak. Now we need your help!

An adult who loses their hearing may feel isolated from their family, friends, colleagues and social groups, but with the help of cochlear implants and hearing aids, they can return to a life of hearing.


Every year, The Hearing House needs to raise more than $600,000 in order to ensure we can continue to provide audiology and speech and language therapy services to our kiritaki across the upper North Island.

And while we are fortunate to have support from many major trusts and foundations, we need the support of individuals as well.

Hearing House Heroes aims to encourage small, regular donations.


We’d love you to become a Hearing House Hero and give us a regular donation of a minimum of $30 a month in order to help our kiritaki throughout the region. We also offer a corporate Hearing House Hero status for those companies who donate $100 a month.

Help transform the lives of people who depend on cochlear implants to access

Become a Hearing House Hero by:

STEP ONE: Fill out our regular giving form and email it to

STEP TWO: Make payments by either

  • using a credit card/debit card OR

  • arrange an automatic payment with your bank by providing them with the following details:

ACCOUNT NAME             The Hearing House

ACCOUNT NUMBER        12-3055-0201946-00

REFERENCE                       Please use your first and last name as a reference

PARTICULARS                    HHH


For more information, contact us on 09 579 2333 or email

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