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Annual survey shows clients feel supported, welcomed and informed by The Hearing House

The Hearing House has been praised for its friendly, supportive and holistic approach in its annual client survey.

Kiritaki (clients) from Northland, Auckland, Waikato, and the Bay of Plenty were surveyed as part of the annual poll, with nearly 100% of adult clients saying they were happy with the service they received from The Hearing House, and more than half of those saying their expectations were exceeded.

Kiritaki praised the team for their professionalism, expertise, approachability and compassion, with one respondent saying that it was the best interaction with any type of health service that they’d ever experienced.

Some clients indicated concerns around the lack of funding to access to what they say is an essential and life-changing service, while others wanted more outreach clinics to overcome transportation and accessibility issues.

Parents of younger clients were also universally complementary about the service extended to their children and wider whānau, with 93% saying they were happy with the listening and language therapy their child had been given in the past year, up from 75% a year before.

Parents said The Hearing House gave them practical ideas, information and advice, and provided a family-oriented, welcoming and supportive service. Some said it was more like going to visit family than a clinic.

Some parents and caregivers said they’d like to see more information on cochlear implants and how they work given to teachers at daycare centres and schools, to ensure a fully beneficial learning experience for their children. They also wanted more information on funding available for support in the classroom, and suggested an extension of The Hearing House’s services into schools. Some also requested greater clarification around the services offered between childhood and adulthood.

More than half the families said they’d like to have more organised outings and activities with other children with cochlear implants, while the same number (52%) said their children would benefit from having a mentor who was also a cochlear implant user.

Adult quotes include (all quotes are anonymous):

“Each person I dealt with was so understanding and really wanting to help. They kept in touch with me via email so you knew exactly what was happening and what to expect. I can’t speak any higher of everyone I had contact with - top marks.”

“I have always experienced excellent service from Hearing House. The staff and their professionalism provide an exemplary experience.”

“Staff are approachable, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and provide holistic care.”

Quotes from parents of young clients include (all quotes are anonymous):

“We’ve been with The Hearing House since our child was born. It's like a second home and the service is exceptional.”

“We love everything about The Hearing House! From the support in Auckland to the support in the Bay of Plenty - to us it’s like a solid rock of love and help. The Hearing House has been a huge help and part of building a strong foundation for my child and her future. We would truly be lost without it!”

“The staff are all very professional, diligent, friendly and supportive. It can be very upsetting for parents to learn that their child is deaf - especially at the beginning of the journey, but everyone we’ve met at The Hearing House are wonderful!”

“The Hearing House couldn't have a better name. You feel like it’s home. The journey of discovering that your child is the first deaf person that you met, it's not easy. But with The Hearing House team, not only was hearing and speech looked after but also everything else around it. You guys go far and above any expectations. Thank you ❤️”

“Keep pushing the inclusive language (NZSL) approach - it’s warming to see it included!”

“Maybe continue a light service when children go to school. I always find it a grey area as to how long and what we can access from your services with our child. It’s not entirely clear what happens once they’re older.”

“The introduction of THH services into schools would be amazing. Kind of like a teacher aide or RTD that can be there with the child a few times a week and assist the teacher to make the learning place of full benefit to the child would be great.”


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