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An improved and enhanced experience for our kiritaki, thanks to Hearing House supporters

A new clinical management system implemented during the year will improve the experiences and outcomes for our cochlear implant kiritaki, due to the efforts of a team of supporters including financial support from the Lindsay Foundation.

The Lindsay Foundation supports Kiwi individuals and organisations who aspire to make a positive difference in New Zealand. It has been involved with The Hearing House since 2020.

The new system will reduce our administrative workload and improve efficiencies, so the team can focus on delivering high-quality care to our kiritaki. It is hoped this in turn will lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty among our kiritaki and their whānau, helping drive further growth.

“We’re delighted that our funding could help support the growth of The Hearing House,” said Andrew Higgott, CEO of the Lindsay Foundation. “The Hearing House is such an impressive facility in itself, and it certainly made sense that its systems should be in step with the working environment.”     

Prior to the implementation of the new system, Cloud Appointments, The Hearing House used different systems and ways of storing data for its clients – many were out-dated, largely paper-based and no longer fit-for-purpose.

Thanks to an extremely generous grant from the Lindsay Foundation, The Hearing House was able to develop a bespoke data management platform that stores client data securely, improves practice efficiency, delivers timely care, and improves patient experience and outcomes.

The cloud-based solution includes automated appointment scheduling and reminders, management of referrals, payment processing, maintenance of electronic records, and simplified access for clients.

The Hearing House CEO Dr Claire Green added, “The understanding of the rationale underpinning the project and support of The Lindsay Foundation has meant the world to The Hearing House.

“We would never have been able to develop such a streamlined, cost-effective and user-friendly system without their support.”

The development and implementation of the project was led by Hearing House supporter Rob Carter, assisted by our information and data systems lead, Silvia Rosioru.


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