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Spreading the word about cochlear implants

The Hearing House has been out in the community up and down the region, running a series of workshops to help educate health professionals on the benefits of cochlear implants for adults.

In partnership with implant manufacturer, Cochlear Limited, The Hearing House’s adult programme team has addressed groups of private audiologists throughout the Hearing House’s regional footprint, including Bay of Plenty, Whangarei, Hamilton and the wider Auckland region. 

The sessions are designed to increase understanding, awareness and knowledge around cochlear implants and to help empower clients to make their own choices. 

The team also provides insight into the referral process, the support and programmes offered by The Hearing House, along with assistance on funding and equipment queries and requests.

“Audiologists aren’t provided with any formal training on cochlear implants as part of their post-graduate continuing education,” says Caroline Selvaratham, adult programme manager at The Hearing House. 

“There’s a real need in the community for more education around how to address hearing difficulties, and we’re hoping that audiologists will now feel equipped to discuss the benefits of cochlear implants with their clients, and how they can support CI users in the community.”


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