The Stichbury BidwIll Centre

About the centre



The Stichbury Bidwill Centre is a purpose-built facility for The Hearing House where the lives of hearing-impaired children and adults are transformed. The centre cost $8 million to build and helps us better meet the needs of deaf children and adults. 


The Stichbury Bidwill Centre is a state-of-the-art 1000sqm facility featuring therapy rooms, audiology booths, a community meeting room, a family room and a sensory integration room. Construction began in July 2016 and was completed in December 2017.


Stage one of our project occurred in late 2012, two properties next door to the iconic Hearing House building on Campbell Road were purchased by the Cochlear Implant Foundation of New Zealand. We have retained our original building and constructed the centre next to it. The original house is converted into a welcoming reception area with a kitchen and waiting area to ensure our families continue to appreciate our place “as their second home”.


Stage two was completed in 2015 when the new preschool re-opened as the Joyce Fisher Preschool.


Stage three was the expansion of The Hearing House which enables us to take on 450 adult clients in early 2018. This is thanks to a partnership with the University of Auckland and will involve some university staff and students being based at the new building. The Hearing House provides a life-long service by offering the expertise of our staff to adults who need, or have, a cochlear implant. The aim is to get adults who have suffered a sudden or gradual hearing loss, and are now severely or profoundly deaf, back into the workforce, back into their social circles and into society as a whole.


Many of them may have slipped into an isolated situation because they aren’t able to hear what is going on around them.


They will have missed out on important conversations and family moments, work opportunities and social experiences simply because they can’t hear. Our services give their hearing back to them so that they can once again participate in life to the full.​