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Have you recently upgraded to cochlear implants or new hearing aids and sure what to do with previous ones?

You can donate your old hearing aids or spare cochlear implant equipment to those who cannot afford them otherwise. Many of our clients struggle to stay on air because of the cost of replacement parts.

Your used equipment can help transform health and quality of life for a person in need who couldn’t otherwise afford their hearing equipment.


Who are our donors?

  • Loved ones of cochlear implant users who have passed away

  • People who have upgraded to a new device and have old devices that are in working condition

How to Donate?

If you have an old hearing aid or spare cochlear implant parts, contact The Hearing House. We will arrange for it to be picked up.

We have partnered with New Zealand Couriers, who have graciously accepted to collect and drop off your donations for no cost


Thank you to those clients who give their spare parts to the programme when they receive upgrades, especially to families who return equipment when loved ones pass on.

Donate your used equipment 

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You can help by
We can arrange to pick up the old equipment.
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