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The Hearing House only receives half of the funding that it needs from the Government.  We rely on donations to make up the shortfall. We simply can’t help the number of kids that we do without your help. Every dollar counts and goes a long way to changing the lives of deaf children forever. As you can see from the programmes and services we offer we do everything we can to give these kids the best chance they can get to hear and speak like their hearing peers. Please help us help them by getting involved.  Please call our Fundraising and Communications Manager, Melanie Louden on 09 579 2333 to find out more.

Capital Campaign

The Hearing House is expanding its premises to create a purpose-facility to transform the lives of hearing-impaired children and adults. Please help us raise the $3 million needed to bring the new Hearing House to life.
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Hearing House Heroes

A regular monthly donation of $20 for individuals or $100 for companies makes a massive difference to the lives of deaf children. Our Hearing House Heroes Programme goes straight helping deaf kids talk.
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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy and convenient way to donate to The Hearing House. It saves you time, provides us with funds that we can rely on and reduces our administration costs. Your regular donation will make a great difference to the lives of deaf children.
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Bequests, Wills & Trusts

Death can be a difficult subject to talk about, but the reality is that at some point, each of us will come to the end of our life. Setting up a bequest is a way of honouring and using that knowledge to benefit deaf children far beyond one’s own life span. If you want part of your estate to go to a life changing cause, please consider The Hearing House – part of the Cochlear Implant Foundation of New Zealand.
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The Hearing House regularly holds fundraising events that involve our families, Corporate Partners, Sponsors and Friends of the Hearing House. To find out more about you can be involved please contact our Fundraising and Communications Manager Mary Jane Boland on 09 579 2333.
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Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we're able to concentrate on what we do best which is help deaf kids learn to listen and to speak. Our volunteers help look after children while their parents and siblings are in session.
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Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child through The Hearing House programme is a very popular way of donating to The Hearing House because the sponsor has a direct impact on the child’s life. As a result of the sponsors support the child will be able to attend The Hearing House programme and gain the gift of spoken language.
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Recent News

Our Success

Our daughter Izabella was born in November 2013. She’s our first girl after two boys who have normal hearing. Izabella […]