The Hearing House

The Hearing House is a charity for deaf children, their families and deaf adults, that was established in 1998. Our mission is to teach deaf and hearing-impaired children to listen and speak. We aim to help these children reach their full potential by supporting them so they can listen and speak at the same level as their hearing peers.

We are excited to be welcoming adult cochlear implant users to The Hearing House in January 2018.

It was the vision of a group of concerned parents, professionals and surgeons to develop a centre to enable deaf children to listen and speak. After much research, this group decided that the best way to achieve this goal was to provide Auditory-Verbal Therapy. Thanks to the support of various groups and individuals, the Greenlane premises were purchased and The Hearing House was established. Auditory-Verbal Therapy was provided free of charge to deaf children and their families.

In a commitment to The Hearing House’s philosophy to emulating international best practice, The Hearing House Preschool was born in December 2000. The experience of similar international centres showed that a preschool for deaf and hearing children supported a deaf child’s transition to mainstream school. The Hearing House Preschool was opened in December 2000 by Prime Minister Rt Hon. Helen Clark.

In 2008 the Audiology service was added to create a one-stop-shop for families and to allow the therapist and audiologist to work together so the services complement each other.

Today The Hearing House provides a service comparable to the best in the world. Our therapists are internationally certified and receive regular training to continually up-skill and keep up with developments in this dynamic field. The Hearing House has been recognised as a “centre of excellence” and an internationally recognised leader in the field has said “The Hearing House has put New Zealand on the international map.”

The Hearing House continues to provide Auditory-Verbal Therapy free of charge to children with a hearing loss and their families. In January 2018 we open doors to deaf adult cochlear implant and hearing aid user from Turangi to the top of the North Island, providing a life-long service.