The Hearing House A First Voice Centre

The Hearing House holds many specialised workshops to be support our families and their children.IMG_6229

The Sunshine Residential Programme

In June 2011, The Hearing House was approached by a potential donor who was interested in providing funding for residential camps for families disadvantaged by economic status or geographic location.   This led to the establishment of the Sunshine Residential Programme, a 2 day course for families.

These give families the opportunity to participate in an intensive residential programme to give them a boost and help them connect with other families whose children have similar needs.

Baby Workshops

With more babies’ hearing losses being detected earlier thanks to New Born Screening we noticed a need to run an intensive workshop for parents of babies new to our programme.  This Baby Workshop was run for the first time in February 2013 and helps parents understand the journey they will go on with their hearing-impaired baby, particularly in the months before their baby starts to speak.hgrfdhfd

Music Therapy

Music therapy is offered to families and is especially useful for help pre-verbal children learn about rhythm and different pitch – such as high and low – which will then allow them to understand meaning with language such as why some sentences that are actually questions go up in pitch at the end.