The Hearing House A First Voice Centre

The Hearing House provides services for all children with a mild to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss to enable them to learn to listen and speak through appropriate amplification and regular Auditory-Verbal Therapy.11041878_10155199505405214_50093720638896261_o A child is ideally referred to The Hearing House before a device is fitted.

The Hearing House  services are based on family centred practices. It requires enormous dedication and commitment from the family in order for him or her to achieve clear and natural spoken language.

Today children who are profoundly deaf can have access to sound thanks to scientific advances in hearing aids and the development of cochlear implants. Whether the child learns to understand this sound, fulfil their hearing potential and develop spoken language depends on whether they receive an advanced and specialised therapy called Auditory-Verbal Therapy.

Auditory-Verbal Therapy accelerates the natural way a child would develop language to enable deaf children with a cochlear implant or hearing aid to catch up on the years of listening and language development he or she missed out on before receiving the hearing device. The aim of Auditory-Verbal Therapy is for the child to speak clearly and naturally like their hearing peers and to attend mainstream school by the age of five. In later life the child will experience enhanced education and employment opportunities; enhanced social independence and quality of life; and will be able to fully participate in, and contribute to, mainstream society.

Other Agencies

Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Northern Cochlear Implant Programme

Services We Offer

  • The Hearing House Audiology is where children on The Hearing House programme can receive audiological services from a qualified audiologist. This includes hearing testing, hearing aid services and specialised cochlear implant services.
  • Regular one on one Auditory-Verbal Therapy sessions with an internationally certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist or therapist in training. In these sessions the therapist works with the child and the parent/s (or caregiver/s) for up to an hour, depending on the child’s age and needs. The parent, as the natural teacher of the child’s language, is the main client of the therapist. They are taught skills and strategies to teach their child how to listen and speak, which they can implement in every day activities.
  • Family support and guidance is offered to each family on The Hearing House programme. It includes home visits; regular Parent to Parent support group meetings and discussion forums; accompanying parents to meetings with other medical and social services; attending hospitals; and support through The Hearing House programme. The role of the family counsellor also includes providing guidance and advice on family relationships, parenting and behaviour of children.
  • The Preschool is an acoustically designed, purpose built, centre for children with a hearing loss and their hearing peers that focuses on developing language skills. It takes the principals of Auditory-Verbal Therapy into a nurturing, language-rich environment where children with a hearing loss learn alongside their hearing peers.
  • The Hearing House provides a Transition to School Programme to support the parent, child and new school through the child’s transition into mainstream school. This is to ensure that the school can offer the child appropriate support to enable him or her to continue to develop language.
  • Mentoring Programme for Teenagers. Please visit for more information.
  • We regularly run workshops that help to address the needs of groups who are at different stages of their speech development. This includes our residential Sunshine Programme and our Baby Workshops.
  • This is offered through supervision; seminars; University Research Programmes and associated professional groups; and staff working with para professionals by visiting schools and other care facilities to make observations and pass knowledge and specialised methodologies for child’s treatment.