The Hearing House A First Voice Centre

HFY LogoHear For You is a place like no other – it’s a place where young hearing impaired people can hang out amongst other peers, have lots of fun and make friends.  As young adults with hearing loss, the Hear For You mentors understand the challenges that young deaf people can experience.  Our mission is to work as role models, giving young deaf people someone to share their experiences with, even when it feels like no one else understands.  Our mentors are here to help them get the best out of their hearing loss, to realise their dreams and live life to the full.

The mentors lead the teenagers through interactive and fun workshops that focused on issues that teenagers typically face such as identity, relationships, communication, leadership and teamwork, health and wellbeing and careers.  The mentees are grouped according to their year at school and the mentors deliver age relevant workshop material.

Hear For You is now recognised as a very valuable programme in New Zealand for deaf adolescents, who have chosen spoken language as their preferred medium of communication to develop greater confidence in their social and leadership skills.  It also gives them the opportunity to mix socially with other hearing impaired teenagers of a similar age.

Hear For You is a series of workshops where we bring groups of teenagers with varying levels of hearing loss together to realise that deafness is more a “difference” than a disadvantage.  We aim to show these teenagers that they are not alone, to inspire them, and to share hints and tips on how to deal with all the obstacles that come with having a hearing loss.

Hear For You was developed in Australia by The Hearing House launched the NZ Hear For You pilot programme in Auckland in March 2011.   Nine mentors were recruited from around New Zealand and trained to mentor hearing impaired teens between the ages of 10 to 17.

For more information please email Elena Keith, Programme Director Hear For You NZ,