Family Support

Our main aim is to offer support to families when and where needed. This starts at the very beginning of the family’s journey at The Hearing House where we welcome new families and explain about our services.

The counsellor maintains contact with the family throughout the assessment process.   General parenting tips and advice is part of the holistic service offered.

The service aims to bring families together so stories can be shared and support offered. We recognise that this informal form of support is of the utmost importance, no professional service can provide the valuable support from someone who has been there themselves and has hands on knowledge and experience.

Therefore we aim to organise regular activities, workshops and coffee morning where parents, children and caregivers can meet.

The family counsellor meets with families at The Hearing House in addition to meeting families at their home if and when appropriate so the child can be seen in their own environment. The service can also assist with referrals to other specialists or support services in collaboration with the family.

In summary the service provides counselling, support, advocacy and assessment as well as organising parent support groups and producing the Chatterbox newsletter.

The service operates under an open-door policy.  Just come in and see the counsellor while you are visiting The Hearing House.