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Finding out your child has a hearing loss comes as an enormous shock to most parents and caregivers. The Hearing House provides specialized support and clinical expertise for families of children in this situation. If your GP or audiologist refers your child to The Hearing House that is the first step in trying to help your deaf child develop language like their hearing friends. What most people don’t realize is that even children who are profoundly deaf can these days develop natural sounding speech and participate fully in the hearing world – talking on the phone, listening to music and hearing their family say they love them. Follow the links below to find out more how we can help you and your child or call us on 09 579 2333 to talk to The Hearing House team.

Hearing Loss

If you would like to know more about your child's hearing loss then please click here for more information.
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The Hearing House provides auditory verbal therapy, audiology, a preschool, family support, a teenage mentoring programme, transition to school programme, a residential programme and training and development.
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The Hearing House supports over 200 families in the northern region (Taupo north) of the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme. We provide regular social events and outreach programmes.
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The Hearing House Preschool is an acoustically designed, purpose built, centre for children with a hearing loss and their hearing peers that focuses on developing language skills. It takes the principals of Auditory-Verbal Therapy into a nurturing, language-rich environment where children with a hearing loss learn alongside their hearing peers.
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