Hear For You

With the support of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme the first Christchurch based Hear For You NZ workshop took place on the 16th of August with 17 teens flying in from all over the country. In Workshop One we focused on Teamwork and Leadership and spent some time assessing our vision, values and goals along with a focus on communication. After asking around it would appear that most of the teens were undecided about what they want to do when they leave school so we think they’ll find the upcoming workshop on the 20th of September hugely helpful. We’re focusing on career development and we’ll also look at what kind of part time jobs they can look at doing now to build some independence, skills, income and confidence.

Elena Keith, Programme Director for Hear For You NZ would like to thank Canterbury University for the use of their rooms and also her team of 8 outstanding mentors who have been with the programme for 4 years. “They’re an incredible team of volunteers and I’m indebted to their professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm for making Hear For You an invaluable and fun programme for hearing impaired teens.”

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